Is my camera supported?

Pluto Trigger supports a lot of cameras: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus, etc. If your camera supports a wired remote control, then Pluto Trigger supports it. If your camera does not support a wired remote, it could still be partially supported if it supports IR or wireless remote control methods. See the list of Compatible Cameras

Can I use auto focus mode with Pluto Trigger?

Yes, auto-focus is supported. You can set “focus time” to let your camera pre-focus before releasing the shutter. Keep in mind though, with auto-focus turned on you are not guaranteed a good picture each time.

Does Pluto Trigger support video recording?

It depends on your camera. If your camera’s video recording is triggered by the shutter or by IR remote control, then Pluto Trigger will be able to start and stop video recording on your camera.

How to set my camera to BULB mode?

On some cameras, just dial the exposure mode wheel to “B”. On other cameras, set your camera to manual exposure mode, and set shutter speed to the slowest setting. In the display, it will show a “B”.  

My camera does not have a shutter release port. Can I still use Pluto Trigger with my camera?

Yes if your camera supports IR remote control. You can use the Infrared remote to trigger your camera, but with limited functionality. You will not be able to use modes which require BULB mode.

Does my phone have to stay on during time-lapse?

Once you have entered a given mode (except Smart Sensors modes), Pluto Trigger runs independently. You can walk away with your phone. While Pluto Trigger is hard at work, have fun with your phone.  

Can I use Pluto Trigger in really cold conditions?

Yes, but in cold conditions, the battery drains much faster. You can use any 5V output battery pack to power Pluto Trigger externally.  

Does Pluto Trigger have live view or image transfer?

No, the Pluto Trigger does not support live view or image transfer. USB connection and WiFi capability are required in order to do live view and image transfer, which would make the trigger rather complicated and power consumptive. The Pluto Trigger goes the route of using Bluetooth Low Energy, so that it is very easy to use and can sustain a whole day of continuous use per battery charge.

As a high-speed trigger, what are the specifications?

The response time for Sound, Light, and AUX modes is 1ms. The response time for Lightning mode is about 0.2ms. The response time for Laser mode is tens of microseconds. (The response times here are the delays caused by Pluto Trigger itself, the camera shutter delay itself is not counted.) 

For “Smart Sensors” modes, can I turn off the phone screen when the program is running?

For Sound and Voice modes, you can hide the app in the background or even turn off phone screen. But for Vibrate, Motion, Distance and Smile modes, you have to keep the phone screen on with the app running in the foreground. 

I have got my Pluto Trigger, but why can't my phone find it? Why is Bluetooth paring rejected?

Do not use the Bluetooth menu in your phone's Settings. You need to scan and pair with Pluto Trigger within the Pluto Trigger app. Simply follow the Quick Start Guide. Remember to turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

I didn't see Nikon D750 on the list. Is it compatible?

Nikon D750 is actually on the list. It works with the DC2 cable, rather than DC0 cable.

When in Lightning mode, it just keeps shooting and shooting....and there is no lightning!

You have set the sensitivity TOO HIGH.

In Lightning mode, the sensor reading is the change of the light, not the light intensity itself. So when the light does not change, the sensor reading should be very small. Only at the moment of lightning, the sensor valve should increase dramatically and cross the threshold.

You can test lightning mode by covering the light sensor with your hand. Adjust the sensitivity so that the sensor reading is lower than the threshold (small triangle in the middle of the arc). Then move your hand away quickly. The sensor reading should increase dramatically and cross the threshold. Then press the start button to start the Lightning mode. Now only when you move your hand away, your camera will be triggered.

I have received the Pluto Trigger, but the camera cable I ordered is not in the package.

The camera connection cable is in a separate small white box inside the outer packaging. The cable included in the Pluto Trigger box is the flash pc sync cable.

I try to release the shutter of my camera with IR of the Pluto Trigger, but it is not working.

Please adjust the IR settings in the app properly and switch your camera to Timer/Remote mode.

Do I need a smartphone to operate the Pluto Trigger?

Yes, you need a smartphone or tablet to operate the Pluto Trigger. The compatible devices are iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5 or later, Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) or later. The Pluto Trigger app is used to adjust the settings and start one of the Modes on the trigger. Later on, some modes (e.g. Sound, Light, Lightning and PIR) are able to run stand-alone without a phone, even after a power cycle.

The Auto Focus shutter release mode does not work on my camera.

Please turn off Back Button Focus on your camera.

Does the unit have to be in the hot shoe to function with the camera?

No, the Pluto Trigger does not have to be mounted in the hot shoe. You can hang it off the side of your camera.

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