Quick Start Guide

You will need Pluto Trigger, a camera cable, a hot shoe adapter, and your camera for this guide.

Screw the hot shoe adapter into Pluto Trigger.

Install Pluto Trigger on your camera.

Plug the camera cable into the camera port of Pluto Trigger.

Plug the other end of camera cable into your camera.

Turn on your camera and set the lens to Manual Focus mode.

Turn on the Pluto Trigger and launch the app on your phone.

For your first use, you will need to pair your app with your Pluto Trigger. Later on, the app will connect to your Pluto Trigger automatically. Tap the spinner (the spinning icon beside the Settings button on the top bar) to enter the Device Scan screen.

An icon with the ID "PT******" will show up. This is your Pluto Trigger.

If the app found your Pluto Trigger in the last step, move on to the next step. Otherwise, try turning on your Pluto Trigger's Bluetooth. Press and hold the button on Pluto Trigger for at least 5 seconds. If the status LED blinks three times, then Bluetooth has been turned on. If the status LED blinks only once, then Bluetooth has been turned off. Press and hold again to turn Bluetooth on.

Click on the detected Pluto Trigger (i.e., the PT****** icon, not the the phone icon at the center) to establish a wireless connection.

Once connected, the Pluto Trigger's blue LED will blink once. The app will make a notification sound. Navigate back to the main screen. The spinner will have been replaced by a battery icon. This battery icon indicates the remaining battery on your Pluto Trigger.

In Shutter Release mode, press the start button to test-fire your camera.

Select Timelapse mode from the menu, choose Standard preset and press the start button. 

The Pluto Trigger is now running Timelapse program. The app shows the number of shots taken and the time remaining.

Now, you are ready to play with other modes.