May 16, 2016 1 min read

There are many advanced features that are not mentioned in the user manual. We will introduce some of them today. We welcome all pluto trigger users show their creative uses of pluto trigger.

Laser Auto Off

The laser pointer can be turned off immediately when camera is triggered. This is to avoid the laser beam being captured in the picture. A 2.5mm male to 2.5mm male audio cable or Canon C1 cable is required to connect Laser pointer to the Aux port of Pluto Trigger. And the power switch of Laser Pointer needs to be at OFF position.

A coin or mirror(or anything reflective) is used to reflect the laser beam, so that Pluto Trigger and Laser Pointer can be put on the same side of the subject.

Trigger Multiple Devices

Pluto Trigger triggers Canon 70D, Sony Nex 5T and iPhone 6 on a single button press. Canon 70D and Sony Nex 5T are set to IR remote control Drive Mode. The iPhone 6 is running Pluto Camera(iOS only) app and connected to Pluto Trigger. The IR remote brand of the Pluto Trigger is set to "All Brands".

Laser Cross Beam Sensor

Build a DIY light sensor and plug it into Aux port of Pluto Trigger. In Aux mode, set trigger mode to "Low Trigger" and adjust the sensitivity when laser beam aligned. Go to Laser mode, adjust sensitivity when laser beam is aligned. Finnally switch to Fusion mode, "AND" Aux mode with Laser mode to set up a laser cross beam sensor.

You may use "OR" fusion method if you want to trigger your camera whichever laser beam is interrupted.

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