November 05, 2019 3 min read

Pluto Trigger is a remote smart camera trigger, which uses Bluetooth (Low Energy) technology that can be controlled through an dedicated app. This app is compatible with both Android OS and iOS so you are covered in most situations.

Our high-speed camera trigger can be used in 24 different modes. An infrared remote control is installed in the Pluto Trigger, which allows it to support a wide variety of cameras, ranging from a simple selfie remote to a DSLR.

Not only that, there are more benefits of using Pluto Trigger. With this product developed by Pluto, you can use it in 24 different modes depending on your needs under various conditions! Today we are going to show you some of the unique benefits from this special accessories. 

  • Shutter Release Mode

In this mode, the camera’s shutter can be released wirelessly by the app. By doing it wirelessly, you can shoot photo without standing close to your camera, and more scene set-ups are opened up instantly.

  • Time-lapse mode

 With this mode, a duration of time, number of shots and the interval can be adjusted according to your will! You could take pictures continuously and make a professional and magnificent time-lapse video out of it.

  • HDR

High Dynamic Range is a standard for any current high-end photography related product now, and Pluto is offering this feature for sure. The product collects the best elements from 19 photos, and emerge them into one perfect HDR image.


Do you like shooting the amazing star and galaxy view with you camera? The Pluto Trigger has a function to enable these being fulfilled much easier than the traditional way to capture this view. With the Star Trail mode, you can capture them in the sky using long-exposure pictures.


 You can capture long videos with no time limit. This trigger automatically restarts and functions with no time gaps, which free you from the 30-minute video-off threshold some cameras have.

  • TIMER –

Pluto Trigger can also be set up to take pictures at a particular time every day. For instance, if you want to capture how a construction is built up gradually from day to day, this will be a perfect feature and all you need to do is set things up, then leave you camera at the right angle. Pluto Trigger will perform the rest of the job for you.

  • LASER –

 A cool feature of this trigger is that it can click pictures when a laser beam is disturbed. The most amazing aspect is the it only has a delay of 10s of microseconds.

  • SOUND –

Besides triggering the camera uniquely by laser beam, you can also use sound to enable photo shootings. The feature enables the camera to click pictures by detecting sounds, such as breaking glass and small unharmful explosions.


 The Pluto Trigger can detect lightning and enable the camera to go off instantly. This is a great feature as it ensures the safety of the user. The user can stand at a safe distance from the spot of lightning and still trigger the camera using the app.

 The Pluto Trigger has more special features for photography enthusiasts to discover, such as its smile trigger and PIR body heat detection. We will be showing you more with our updates here about features’ details and any newly developed accessories. Stay tuned and don’t miss them!

Pluto Trigger is guaranteed to take your photography skills to the next level. Take this opportunity and bring your game to the next level!

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