May 26, 2020 3 min read

When thinking about camera triggers, we usually picture ourselves taking photos of lighting, water ball explosion, and other fast-changing scenes. If you are passionate about still life shooting, though, the new generation of the remote camera trigger may also be a great choice for you.

Here we will present to you some factors you should consider while shooting with camera triggers:

  1. Light Balance

Lighting is an essential part of still life photography, which can significantly influence the aesthetic effect of the picture. Opportune amounts of light, whether from natural or artificial sources, will help to reveal the delicate texture of the subject. However, if not kept under control, lighting intensity can damage the quality of the image.

That is when camera triggers come in handy as they allow you to set the bulb mold to get different exposure times. In addition, they can be useful to manage your flash and diffuser in order to set up your digital camera better.

  1. Shooting Angulation

Shooting angles are another important element that needs to be taken into consideration. Sometimes you need to shoot from unpractical positions. Reaching the right perspective could be the key to beautiful picture acquisition.  

As a photographer, you are required to take pictures from as many different angulations as possible. It is unrealistic, though, to be capable of triggering the camera`s shutter for each shot manually. Thankfully, camera triggers can solve this critical problem by remotely operate photo cameras.

  1. Distance

Have you ever had a hard time shooting pictures a long distance from the camera? By equipped with a camera trigger, these technical difficulties can be easily dealt with because the camera trigger can be remotely controlled by an App and trigger the shutter switch of the camera.

If you want to have the best still life photos shooting experience, you need to maximize the use of photographic equipment. By properly using smart camera triggers, you can easily achieve your high-quality photo capturing a dream. Therefore, it is highly suggested to know more about its utilization to take the most advantage from the device.

Here are presented some further notable information on remote camera triggers utilization and main features:

  • Main Features

First, you need to understand how the camera triggers operate. It functions as a camera remote control, allowing you to control camera settings as well as to remotely control the shutter with a simple touch of your smartphone. Pluto Trigger, one of the top devices on the market, it is able to trigger the shutter through light, sound, and movement activation modes. In any situation, Camera triggers will assist you in always shooting at the right time.

  • Smartphone Connection

To have full control, you need to connect the camera trigger to your phone, download and install the related mobile application. Your smartphone generally connects wirelessly to your camera via Bluetooth with a range of 20-30 meters. Make also sure that the trigger remains in the connection scope when being used, and you will be ready to go. Keep in mind that you can use your mobile phone to choose the mode you prefer and decide the interval timers, meaning you can set how many frames need to be taken in a certain period.

  • Trigger Mode Settings

In still life photography, camera trigger is usually used to trigger artificial lights. In order for it to properly work, your photo camera and remote camera trigger need to be synchronized at high-speed. Pluto Trigger, with its 24 different shooting modes, provides plenty of choices, including lightning, sound, and laser capture settings.

Still life photography might seem simple. However, like other forms of photography, you need to plan all the shooting details carefully. Determine the angle, the lighting intensity, and the equipment to use. To make the best use of the camera trigger, you first must need to anticipate in your mind the image that you want. For beginners, as for professionals alike, the smart Pluto Trigger will become your most valuable tool to assist you in achieving top picture capturing results.




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