May 26, 2020 3 min read

A few years ago, the great creativity of a British photographer, made water balloon explosions become one of the newest innovative icons of photography. The right position of the photographer`s palm, capturing the water splashes makes the entire work full of dynamic tension and static fantasy. The result is a shocking picture, which can be tricky to obtain, but now thanks to camera remote trigger devices, it can be within everyone`s reach.

Now your question will probably be how camera triggers can be used to immortalize these incredible scenes? Here we will reveal the secret.

Shooting Principle 

Bulb Mode

The time of the balloon explosion is too short for the photographers to catch it with the camera. One of the tricks to overcome this problem is to use the camera Bulb mode.

Usually used by photographers to shoot night scenes and stars. The so-called Bulb mode, it is a function designed to control the camera exposure time.

The photographer has to set the camera as B function and press the shutter. From this point forward, the camera switch to continuous exposure state. In this way, after the balloon blows up, the camera receives the light and can complete the exposure.

Flash trigger

After solving the camera shooting problem, many amateurs would wonder what kind of equipment is needed to trigger the flash at the right time. Our suggestion would be Pluto Trigger, a highly versatile camera remote trigger.

Pluto trigger is a set of camera remote trigger equipment composed of an acoustic optic sensor and delay controller. Because of its high-speed sound triggering feature, it can be deployed to activate the flash of the camera once the balloon pops. Here are explained the various steps:

  1. The balloon explodes making a sound.
  2. The sound is received by the sensor, which successively transmits it to the delay controller.
  3. After the preset delay time, the flash is triggered.
  4. Once the camera has obtained the light, the exposure is completed and the picture has been captured

Shooting Preparation

Here below we will explain the full preparation process for shooting with a camera trigger:

  1. Pour water inside the balloon and set it firmly.
  2. Switch the camera mode to B function, and adjust the focus manually.
  3. Connect the Pluto Trigger with the flash lamp.
  4. Test the sound trigger and sensitivity settings to ensure that the flash lamp gets triggered by the balloon popping. (adjust the knob to increase the sensitivity)
  5. Dim the light and press the camera shutter (at this time, the camera is in a continuous exposure state)
  6. Pierce the balloon with a sharp object, letting Pluto Trigger activates the flash.
  7. At this point, the camera receives light and completes the exposure.
  8. Press the shutter once again to finish shooting.

Now you go, you know the secret behind water balloon explosion shooting, and how to use camera triggers. 


Other than being used for capturing balloon pooping scenes, Pluto Trigger comes with over 24 modes. It can detect lighting strikes, water droplets colliding in midair and has laser sensors able to trigger based on human or animal body heat identification. All these features are intuitive and smartly incorporate in a light and compact device, which can be brought with you everywhere. 

The only thing left to do is to try it by yourself. Pluto trigger enables everyone to easily capture all the most amazing shots. Camera remote triggers blur the lines between amateurs and professional’s photographers, letting everyone jump to the next level.


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